How to Make the Perfect Dirty Dry Vodka Martini - Cocktails with Colette

Good evening, dear readers! video below will demonstrate how to make the perfect dirty dry vodka martini, so scroll on down if that's all you want.

I usually have a guest join me for Cocktails, but we have been working on a "critical" project at my soul-sucking day job "without enough resources," which means middle management's poor planning is forcing the peons to work a lot of overtime (without compensation). Thus, I have not had the time to entertain.

I have, however, been a guest on Karen Docter's Killer Book Bench with an excerpt from The Proud and the Prejudiced. So I suppose tonight my guest is I! Thus, if you want to know more, I will direct you there because if you leave a comment, you could win a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

Click here to read the excerpt and to qualify for the giveaway. (By the way, the hardback is now available for Pre-order directly from the publisher ahead of its release date. Of course, it is already available in all eBook formats for $2.99.)

On Monday, Karen interviewed me about my writing, what I would serve you for dinner, and why a penguin would walk into my office wearing a sombrero. 
Click here (or on the penguin) if you missed it.

And now, "How to Make the Perfect Dirty Dry Vodka Martini." (I kind of slosh it at the end....sorry.)


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