Five Random Things About Me

Greetings, dear readers!       know I have been neglecting my blog miserably for the past few months, but I have been devoting as much time as I have away from my soul-sucking day job to WRITING! As in new novels!

So when Jo Lynne Valerie suggested that the featured authors for Authors After Dark (eeek! Only 3 days away!) share 5 random things about themselves, I figured even I could handle that (even though I should be packing for Charlotte!).

To that end, here are five random things your might not know about me:

#1:   I grew up as an only child (I found out I had a half-brother when I was 14) and - since we only had 4 TV channels and video games and VCRs didn't exist, I had to find innovative ways to entertain myself. I learned to read at an early age, and then I would play school with my collection of stuffed animals as my students. They never did very well on the tests. I would also have little wars with pennies, heads vs. tails. That last bit actually sounds rather pathetic.

#2:   I only completed the 9th grade. (I stayed for half of 10th grade because I was in marching band, so I had to finish out the football season.) Then I got my GED. I lied about my age and worked a couple of jobs before taking the ACT, and I started college the summer I turned 17.

#3:   I found two husbands in college! The first class I took was English, where I met my ex-husband. Of course, he happened to be the one teaching the class! I actually ended up marrying him twice before getting a clue and divorcing him for good, and eventually I married the man who had been the TA in two of my history classes. We have now been married for twenty years.

#4:   I once tried to trade one of my daughters for a camel. Just kidding. The photo above was taken by my daughter when we went to Tunisia. We were fortunate to visit when we did because the next year they had a coup, and the country is not so welcoming to Westerners anymore. I always wanted to visit all the continents before I died, and I only have Australia and Antarctica to go! (Here's a recipe for Tunisian Couscous in case you'd like to give it a try.)

#5:   I am a minister of the Universal Life Church and have performed a handful of weddings. I am also a Civil Law Notary Public here in Louisiana, which means I can perform almost all the duties of an attorney short of appearing in court. That means I can draw up your Prenuptial Agreement, perform your wedding ceremony, and then notarize you divorce papers - one stop shopping!

So now you know more about me than most of my friends!

If you want to know a few random things about other featured authors at Authors After Dark, here's a place to start:

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Hope to see you in Charlotte!        


  1. So nice to meet you Colette! What a fun & adventurous life you have...looking forward to chatting with you in person :)

    1. Thanks, Mina! It doesn't seem that adventurous now! I can't wait to meet everyone, but be sure to come find me. I think I may be the only one with a dog. :)

  2. Looking forward to meeting you in person at AAD! :)


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