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Coffee with ColetteYes, I know. I have been a really crappy blogger. I've been so neglectful, I'm surprised social services hasn't come and taken my blog away! As I mentioned the last time you joined me for Coffee, I finished writing my new novel, The Widow, and now I have waited the requisite 30 days so I can work on the second draft. It is a rather daunting task since we're talking 115,000 words! In the interim, I wrote an experimental novella (read: unpublishable),  proofed the audiobook for Alicia's Possession, went to the RT Booklovers Conference, and took care of my daughter's dog!  All this while still working my soul-sucking day job. 
PLUS I have to get ready for the big party we're having this Saturday, June 28th, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the cheese sandwich that forever altered human history. For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook, you should know I use my page as a mini-blog with the occasional rant. So since I don't foresee my blogging efforts here to improve anytime soon, I would invite you to follow me there.

This morning, however, I want to focus on my very special guest. That's right - I made a new friend! Theresa Paolo is an extremely talented fellow author represented by the Booker Albert Literary Agency, and she is here this morning to introduce her new release (Once) Again - the follow-up to her amazing novel (Never) Again. I have to say, as an OLD adult, I had no idea that New Adult could be so hot! This is one you won't want to miss!


http://www.amazon.com/Once-Again-Theresa-Paolo-ebook/dp/B00I8RB0PG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403489616&sr=8-1&keywords=theresa+paoloThanks, Colette, for having me on your blog today! I'm here to share a little bit about my newest book (Once) Again. It is a companion novel to my first book (Never) Again and is the story of Josh and Kat.

Josh will have to reconcile his past…

In order to make Kat his future.

After surviving a real-life nightmare, Josh Wagner is sent home from his dream college on crutches.

Bedridden and tormented by flashbacks, he’s just seen his world shattered and his baseball scholarship go up in smoke. Josh’s family hires a health aide to help take care of him, but when he opens the door, the last person he expects to see is his biggest regret…

Katherine Singleton is the only girl Josh has ever loved. Now, even though she’s only taking care of him because it’s her job, Josh is determined to win her back. But Kat had to move on after their breakup two years ago, and despite her feelings for Josh, a lot has happened since he left…

When Kat’s past comes back to haunt her, Josh decides it’s his turn to take care of her. But protecting her—and redeeming himself—will put Josh in the line of fire again. Will he survive this time?

When writing (Never) Again Josh's voice was so strong I knew I had to write his story. He may just be one of my favorite characters I have written. Shhh don't tell my other characters that!

Now for an exclusive excerpt:

I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Katherine Singleton was in my living room. For months after I left, she played on constant rotation in my mind. She was all I thought about. All I dreamed about. Even after two years, she still popped in and out of my thoughts. How do you forget your first love? Your only love?

Kat was the only girl who actually listened when I talked. Not because of some ulterior motive of getting me to finally settle down, but because she was interested in what I had to say. We spent so many nights in the bed of my pickup, talking about life and our futures. I didn’t need to filter my thoughts with Kat. She never judged me, and because of that we never ran out of things to say.

After we ended things, I tried to find someone to fill the void. It was impossible to attain that connection with anyone else. With Kat, it was immediate and easy. At least I thought it was. “Do you want a drink?” I asked, hating the silence that stretched between us.

“I’m supposed to be here to take care of you. Please sit and pretend I’m not here.” She pushed my shoulder, and as I fell into the soft cushions of the couch she took my crutches.

“I don’t remember you being so bossy,” I said with a smile, in hopes of lightening the mood. But when her creamy white skin flushed red and her eyes filled with fire, I knew my humor was not welcomed.

“Don’t.” She held her hand up and turned away to the coffee table, shuffling the gamer magazines I had scattered across it.

“Don’t what?”

She balled her hair in her fist, pulling it out of her face. God, she was beautiful. College was filled with girls, but never had I found another pair of eyes as blue or expressive as Kat’s. Nor had anyone come close to possessing that creamy, flawless skin. Most of the girls on campus faked and baked and looked more like radioactive Barbie dolls.

“Bring up the past. It’s the past for a reason, and I’d like it to stay there. Do you need anything?” She jumped right into the next thought, no transition. While I wanted to dwell on why she’d want to forget our days at the waterpark and our nights making love under the stars in the bed of my pickup, I let it go.

So I told her what I told every other person who tried waiting on me hand and foot: “I’m fine.”

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt! Thanks so much for having me, Colette!

(Once) Again is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

http://www.thebookeralbertagency.com/theresa-paolo.htmlTheresa Paolo lives in the same town she grew up in on Long Island, NY with her long time boyfriend and their fish. Her debut novel (NEVER) AGAIN, a NA romance, released in Fall 2013 with Berkley (Penguin). (ONCE) AGAIN will release this summer. She is also the coauthor of the Amazon bestseller KING SIZED BEDS AND HAPPY TRAILS and BEACH SIDE BEDS AND SANDY PATHS, a YA contemporary series, under her pen name Tessa Marie. She has a hard time accepting the fact she’s nearing thirty, and uses her characters to relive the best and worst years of her life. She put her love of writing on hold while she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Dowling College.

When she’s not writing, she’s behind a camera, reading, or can be found on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.


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