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Their Sexy Thoughts ~ Alicia's Possession for My Sexy Saturday

Gentle Readers,

Welcome to this week's My Sexy Saturday!

"This week’s theme is Their Sexy Thoughts. When characters think about each other in a sexy, exciting way, we as readers adore them. We love hearing about how the hero thinks the heroine is sexy and loving and oh so much more as the story progresses. As writers, we love putting those words down and getting them just right."

I have selected a little snippet from the romantic suspense Alicia's Possession, the second time Mason lays eyes on Alicia.

Alicia is the last person Detective Mason Crawley should pursue since she is at the heart of his investigation into a disappearance, which eventually turns into a hunt for a killer; but her palpable sadness and vulnerability awaken his Dominant nature and instinct to protect. Is he is falling in love with a woman who is dangerously delusional, a witness to a cleverly-concealed crime, or a murderer?    Mason pushed the doorbell then banged on the oak door without waiting. Alicia opened the door and stood in the threshold in a long silk Asian-patterned robe. Her damp hair hung in ringlets around her face and emitted that faint, familiar fragrance of honeysuckle. Damn, she was pretty, and although the blush that tinged her cheeks implied guilt, she was no femme fatale.
   “Detective Crawley,” she said as she stepped back to allow his entrance. “I wasn’t expecting you.” She closed the door then pulled her robe tighter around her. “You caught me just out of the shower. Mind if I change?”
   “This shouldn’t take long, Miss Pageant.” He forced his gaze to the high ceilings, around the windows, across the living area, anywhere except her—where it most wanted to rest.
   “Please, call me Alicia. Miss Pageant sounds like…someone else. Someone I used to be.”
    Mason faced her then. Lovely, luscious Alicia, with lips he could lick for days. Her hands trembled within the oversized sleeves. Was it nerves or a chill from just coming from the shower with nothing but that thin layer of silk over her skin. The robe did little to conceal her hardened nipples, and he tore his focus away while he still could.
    “Did you find something out?” she asked.
   “The only thing that’s been consistent is that you haven’t been completely forthcoming.” His eyes followed as she swept across the room to the kitchen island and lifted a wine glass to her mouth with a shaky grasp.
   “I don’t know what you mean. I told you everything I heard, what I saw. Did you find Mr. Holloman? Is he all right?”
   He focused on her face, her lips, her eyes. “Why don’t you tell me?”

I hope you enjoyed this snippet for "My Sexy Saturday." I would love to know what you think! If you want to find out what happens next, you can find Alicia's Possession in print, audiobok, and in all eBook formats.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

How to be a Lush and Still lose Weight (or how I lost over 30 pounds with my wine and cheese diet)

Good morning, dear readers! 

Or, at least I hope I am getting this posted in time for morning. My soul-sucking day job had me working overtime again, and then - after a single glass of wine! (I swear...and no cheese!) - I fell asleep until almost 9:00 pm. We have an Internet curfew of nine o'clock in our home, but my husband was working tonight and not around to keep me awake, so he has allowed me special dispensation tonight since I had promised to post this on my blog for Friday., many people have asked how I lost so much weight, and relatively quickly. If you scroll down to the lower left corner, you will see My Fitness Pal progress. Well, it used to say 31 pounds lost, but we had a lot of "events" that involved eating (anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing Day {yes, that's a thing that we celebrate with friends}), and there was a lot of eating out when one of my husband's oldest/dearest friends came down for a visit, plus there was our "Cards Against Humanity" wine and cheese party, and I had an accident that kept me from walking the dogs for a while.... OK, so I'm making excuses; but even when I bitched about my weight gain to my shrink, he just shrugged and said, "Everyone gains weight this time of year." But I'm back on it! I had wanted to lose another ten pounds, and instead another ten pounds found me!

Yes, I know I have completely digressed with excuses, so let's get back to it.

Many people have asked about my weight loss, and I have mentioned my "wine and cheese" diet, so they have asked me to elaborate. Well, it all started with that "Twinkie Diet." You know that professor who lost 27 pounds in 10 weeks eating a bunch of Twinkies and Doritos. How did he do it? Counting calories. This made total sense to me since "calories" are a unit of energy. It's just like the MPG on a car. Energy in must be less than energy burned in order to lose weight. Like this guy said to the LA Times:
So weight loss is simple math — why is this big news? According to Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, an obesity specialist at the Bariatric Medical Institute in Ottawa, Canada, Haub's diet made headlines the world over "because it hammers home one incredibly unfortunate fact — the world doesn't understand calories."
I have been fighting my weight since junior high school, and I tried it all: low-fat, Atkins, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, French Women, and on and on. I might lose a few pounds in several weeks, but nothing to write home (or blog) about. And it always came back - and then some. (Please refer to disclaimer/excuse above for my recent weight gain.) There were always these mantras of foods you could not eat or no eating after 8:00 pm or a bunch of small meals throughout the day or always eat breakfast.

The truth came down to two things: counting calories and a "diet" one could live with forever. (I really just added "forever" so I wouldn't end a sentence with a preposition.)

So what is my equivalent to Twinkies and Doritos? Wine and cheese! I cannot give them up and sustain any kind of long-term weight-loss plan. Also, that entire "eat breakfast" and "don't eat at night"  BS does not work with me or my life. I think even Weight Watchers tossed those ideas.

In any case, my internist/endocrinologist (I have a LOT of health problems) told me to limit my calories to 1200 a day. He's from India, so he's smart! He didn't tell me how, where, or when I should consume said calories. He does, however, run an enormous blood panel on me every few months to track vitamins, cholesterol, blood sugar, thyroid, etc. etc. etc.  On my wine and cheese diet - just like in the case of the Twinkie guy - my cholesterol readings improved and (my) level of triglycerides, which are a form of fat, decreased as my weight came down. For a little while, my blood sugar was "slightly on the high side," which he attributed to my wine consumption; but then it was as if my body adapted because then it came down! I have the blood reports if anyone wants to see them. He literally wrote "A+" on my blood tests!

I am not a health expert (although as much research and dieting I have done over the last 30+ years should make me an expert!), and I am not advocating that anyone follow my plan. Everyone has to do what works for him and his real life - something that can be maintained. This is what has worked for me; thus, after many inquiries, I am making it public.

My Diet

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Devil in the Details

Thirty-five year old Greer Garson as Elizabeth Bennet
In my previous blog – “What Can I Say?” – I requested ideas for future blogs. Today I have written based on one such suggestion. (Thanks, SuzeJA!)

Whilst reading my novels, which I am certain you either have or will in the very near future, one thing you will not find is physical descriptions of the main characters. Unless something about their appearance is essential either to the development of the plot or the character, I don’t do it. I won’t do it. Other authors go into details about height, hair color, eyes and often even their clothes. Generally when I am reading, that’s when I skim-skim-skim. Especially in a romance novel. How am I supposed to relate to a twenty-two year old statuesque blond? I am sure I am in the minority here. Indeed, after my daughter read The Proud and the Prejudiced, my modern twist on Pride and Prejudice, we had the following exchange:

Her: You have to describe what the characters look like.

Me: Not gonna do it

Her: Mother, if you are going to be a romance writer, you have to.

Me: I am not a romance writer. I am a writer who occasionally writes romance.

Her: You have to describe...

Me: I hate to read physical descriptions of characters in romance novels, so I must represent SOME demographic.

Her: I hate to read them too.

Me: SEE!!


Me: Nope. It's not going to happen. This will just be my signature style.

Her: *facepalm*

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

You are Cordially Invited to THE PROUD AND THE PREJUDICED Print Release and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE Birthday Party, dear readers!

The Official Release date of the print edition of The Proud and the Prejudice is upon us, launching TONIGHT - Wednesday, January 28th - the 202nd Anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice! To celebrate, we are having an online party on the Facebook Events page from 6:30 until 10:00 pm Central time (so 7:30 Eastern/5:30 Mountain/4:30 Pacific - anyone else will have to do their own math!)

Every 20 minutes
, we will be giving away a special Party Favor to participants, including MP3 Songs, Commemorative Jane Austen stamps, Gift Cards, eBooks from some of your favourite authors including Abigail Reynolds, Monica Fairview, Shannon Winslow, Leslie Diamond, Sally Smith O'Rourke, and yours truly - and of course the beautiful new hardbound edition of The Proud and the Prejudice (which will also be available at a one-time special discounted price).

The Proud and The Prejudiced!
Select Release Day Special:

Be sure to bring your questions and comments about Miss Austen, writing, books, or anything for a lively discussion! We will also have games and prizes. You're on your own for cake and champagne... 

RSVP for the fun by clicking the “join” button in the upper right corner of this event page. And don’t forget to invite your friends!

Handy Reminder: receive a ONE TIME ONLY email reminder about the party on the afternoon of the event so you don’t have worry about remembering the time and date. Click here to opt in:

Please join us for fun, games, prizes, and giveaways!


P.S. Over the last few weeks, I have posted several excerpts from The Proud and the Prejudice, which you can find here in case you missed them.  
Also, the eBook is already available just about everywhere for $2.99...
Pulse and Prejudice 

The Proud and The Prejudiced!
Select Release Day Special:

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I’m So Sexy ~ Modern Riff on Pride and Prejudice for My Sexy Saturday

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday!

This week’s theme is I’m So Sexy, and there’s nothing more interesting that someone who exudes sexiness but doesn’t flaunt it. These are those who are naturally sexy, like the girl or boy next door. Or the boss who acts like a nerd. Or maybe one who wears something that makes someone want to strip them bare. Those are the characters we want to read about.

So here is a short snippet from The Proud and the Prejudiced. In this modern twist on Pride and Prejudice, Alice has no idea how "sexy" she is to Peter, but she can certainly feel how sexy he is....

Behind one of these walls in the French Quarter
“Tell me this is real,” Peter said. “Tell me I’m not dreaming.”

“Shouldn’t I be saying that?” The frenzied, ravenous kisses from the alley had transitioned into gentle lips upon lips, which somehow were more intimate.

“After the party, I thought I’d never see you again. I hated how we left things.” As his kisses deepened, he unhooked her bra and slid the straps from her shoulders, then he caressed from her neck down to her elbow.  “I couldn’t 
believe it when I heard you were here. I wish 
I didn’t have to go to Toronto tomorrow.”

Wait. What? When he tried to kiss her, she didn’t kiss back, and she turned her face away. “Oh, no.”

“What is it?”

“The Matterhorn.”


“You want to stick your flag in me!”

“Well, I’ve never heard it called that before.”

She shoved his chest but didn’t even manage to move him a millimeter. God, his chest feels good. “This is a one-night stand. I’m one of your bimbettes.”

“What? How can you even think this is a one-night stand? And why are you always talking about my ‘bimbettes’? I don’t even know what the hell that means.”  She shoved him again. Ugh. Better stop that.

eBook Now Available in All formats $2.99:

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How to Make the Perfect Dirty Dry Vodka Martini - Cocktails with Colette

Good evening, dear readers! video below will demonstrate how to make the perfect dirty dry vodka martini, so scroll on down if that's all you want.

I usually have a guest join me for Cocktails, but we have been working on a "critical" project at my soul-sucking day job "without enough resources," which means middle management's poor planning is forcing the peons to work a lot of overtime (without compensation). Thus, I have not had the time to entertain.

I have, however, been a guest on Karen Docter's Killer Book Bench with an excerpt from The Proud and the Prejudiced. So I suppose tonight my guest is I! Thus, if you want to know more, I will direct you there because if you leave a comment, you could win a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

Click here to read the excerpt and to qualify for the giveaway. (By the way, the hardback is now available for Pre-order directly from the publisher ahead of its release date. Of course, it is already available in all eBook formats for $2.99.)

On Monday, Karen interviewed me about my writing, what I would serve you for dinner, and why a penguin would walk into my office wearing a sombrero. 
Click here (or on the penguin) if you missed it.

And now, "How to Make the Perfect Dirty Dry Vodka Martini." (I kind of slosh it at the end....sorry.)


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Back on Karen's Killer Book Bench with Giveaway and Excerpt from Modern Twist on Austen
Greetings, dear readers! am back on Karen Docter's Killer Book Bench today, but this time I have an excerpt from The Proud and the Prejudiced.

Plus, leave a comment and you could win a $20 Amazon Gift Card. Click here to read the excerpt and to qualify for the giveaway.

By the way, the hardback is now available for Pre-order directly from the publisher ahead of its release date. Of course, it is already available in all eBook formats for $2.99.

On Monday, Karen interviewed me about my writing, what I would serve you for dinner, and why a penguin would walk into my office wearing a sombrero. 
Click here (or on the penguin) if you missed it....

Monday, January 12, 2015

Check out my interview on Karen's Killer Book Bench!
Good morning, dear readers!

Today I have the honour of being interviewed on Karen Docter's Killer Book Bench about my writing, what I would serve you for dinner, and why a penguin would walk into my office wearing a sombrero. PLUS there's a $20 Amazon Gift Card giveaway! Click here to check it out....

Be sure to come back on Wednesday for excerpt from The Proud and the Prejudiced!

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New Sexy Saturday: Sneak Peek THE PROUD AND THE PREJUDICED Modern Twist on Austen
"This week’s theme is Our Sexy New Year. As the New Year starts, what’s more fun than thinking about all those New Year resolutions. Or not. How about those things your characters did at the holiday parties?"

OK, well I don't have any excerpts for a New Years party, but I do have a party scene in The Proud and the Prejudiced: A Modern Twist on Pride and Prejudice. For those of you familiar with the Jane Austen classic, this is akin to the Netherfield Ball - but no white soup!
Alice turned to leave the dance floor and stopped just short of walking into Peter. Before she understood what was happening, he had taken her hands and tugged her toward him.
“Where’s Winnie?” she asked.
He furrowed his brow and peered at her through squinted eyes. “Why would she be here?”
He stepped forward as she resisted. “I’ve been dancing – I’m all sweaty.” She was, too. Her blouse clung to her chest, and her scalp was drenched.
“So am I.” He traced her face with his eyes and pulled her into his arms.
Her arms were trapped against his damp chest, so she had no choice but to circle them around his neck; but that only brought their bodies closer. They barely moved, their feet somehow turning them in a sluggish rotation, reminding her of slow dancing in high school. A tingly numbness enveloped her. She surrendered to it and laid her head against his shoulder, and he tightened his hold.

Available now in eBook $2.99: Barnes and Noble for Nook      Amazon for Kindle

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