Saturday, November 22, 2014

Our Sexy Thanksgiving? Not really, but I DO have a Special Announcement for My Sexy Saturday

Gentle Readers, are you feeling today? Alas, I feel like crap. I have had what I think must be the flu all week. How is it possible for eyeballs to sweat?
Nevertheless, after being scarce not just on my blog but from social media in general while I wrote one novel, edited another, and worked 45-50+ hours at my soul-sucking day job, I was determined to participate in this week's "My Sexy Saturday" blog hop!

The theme this week: "Our Sexy Thanksgiving"
"We know what you’re thinking. Thanksgiving is about families. What’s more sexy than family? After all each started with a story about a man and a woman finding each other and deciding on a family. Think of all the wonderful romances that happen at this time of year. You know the ones we’re talking about. Sister brings home friend, brother falls for friend and on and on.

"So this week show us all the characters love family. Maybe it’s someone who doesn’t have one and suddenly they find themselves with one. It could be about someone who has always looked in and wanted a home with all the trimmings including a family. There are many ways to be thankful and we’d love to hear some of those wonderful stories."

Guess what. I don't have anything about families or Thanksgiving in any of my novels or works in progress. And I love Thanksgiving! Food and football - What's not to love? So I started not to participate....until....

You might recall a little novel I wrote a few years ago called All My Tomorrows. A modern take on Pride and Prejudice, it won several awards and got me some attention and about 14,000 readers got it for Kindle alone.
ANNOUNCING: All My Tomorrows has been retired. That's right, you won't be able to get it anymore. Why? You are the first to know! Because it has now been reworked, expanded, and enhanced and has now been released as The Proud and the Prejudiced. This enhanced novel has two new chapters and 9900 more words - that's 15% more than the original! I don't know; it might be a disaster like "New Coke" (although no one will ever convince me that wasn't all an ingenuous advertizing ploy), but I do hope readers will enjoy the enhanced version even more that the original.

Here is the first peek at the new cover:

What do you think?

So today's theme reminded me of Alice, who is still grieving over the loss of her mother; but there is something about Peter that feels...familiar. One of the reasons he makes her nervous is that he does feel so comfortable, and she doesn't want to be seduced by an infamous womanizer.

The novel takes place on the set of soap opera; and in this scene, the star Peter Walsingham has asked to speak with headwriter Alice about some suggestions about the script, specifically moving a dramatic scene out of the show's hospital cafeteria.

Without further adieu, here are seven short paragraphs from The Proud and the Prejudiced....

“But even to discuss the script, I asked if we could speak in private. She is a neurosurgeon. She should have her own office at the hospital.”
He did have a point. “We do have a doctor’s office around here somewhere. This is really going to piss off all the extras in that scene.”
“Maybe we could start in the cafeteria and move to her office. Here, let me show you.” He opened the script and handed it to her and then, coming behind her to read over her shoulder, pointed out the section. “We could go ahead and keep all this...”
He spoke low, his breath against her ear, and his nearness disconcerted her. Her already-tiny office continued to shrink around them. Is he sniffing my hair?
Focus! “And, uh, right here she could say something like, ‘We should discuss this in private. Let’s go to my office.’” He smelled good. Under the aromas of make-up and hairspray and soundstage, she could detect a spiciness that reminded her of pumpkin pie and yet somehow masculine. Warm and familiar, like holidays at home.
“Yes, exactly,” he said softly against her neck.
She flinched then turned around to face him and took a step back. She waited for her heart to start beating again before speaking. “ like it. I’ll talk to Mr. Peacock.” When he didn’t make a move to go and continued to stare, she asked, “Is there something else?”

OK, maybe not very sexy-sexy, but we are definitely getting somewhere! I hope you will check out The Proud and the Prejudiced once it's available. You can read the blurb below the linky list!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cocktails with Scarlet Hawthorne: Writing the Heroine of DEADLINE Plus TWO Giveaways!
Good evening, dear readers! 
Thank you for joining me for my Happy Hour feature, Cocktails with Colette, which I have on Thursday evenings occasionally to introduce you to my author friends. Normally, I use a picture of a dirty vodka martini, but in honor of my guest tonight, I am sharing a postcard for St~Germaine, as Scarlet Hawthorne's favourite drink is the St~Germaine Cocktail (which is quite yummy, I must admit - recipe below in "Meet the Author" - use champagne). So pour the cocktail of your choice as I introduce our guest.

Scarlet is currently in the middle of the blog tour for her new release Deadline, and she joined me for Coffee last month for the cover reveal. Part romance, part mystery, and part police procedural, Deadline has been on Amazon's "Hot New Release" lists since its debut! In honor of this, Scarlet is offering an additional giveaway here on Cocktails in addition to the blog tour giveaway for three signed paperbacks. Just leave a comment below to be entered to win one of three Kindle versions of Deadline! (Be sure to leave an email address so we can contact you when you win!) But don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter for the signed paperback and extras!

Tonight Scarlet will be talking about the heroine of Deadline Gillian Tate. This is an amazing character you will for whom you will be rooting - both in the romance and the mystery!


Gillian “P.G.” Tate – heroine of Deadline
Creating the character of Gillian Tate was easy. Conveying her to the page, not so much. Typically, I write in deep, deep third person point of view, which still has a narrator; but the narrator knows all of the thoughts and feelings of the character and, of course, shares that with the reader. I usually include so much inner monologue that it’s practically first person!

With Deadline, I wanted to challenge myself to do something completely foreign to me by using a “panoramic” point of view. The narrator shows all of the action but doesn’t read minds, like watching a film. So I had to communicate Gillian’s personality, thoughts, and feelings – really who she is – strictly through her behaviour.

Gillian Tate grew up in an upper middle-class family in Connecticut. Although definite WASPs, her parents sent her and her older sister Catherine to a Catholic high school, where Gillian became friends with Sarah, her future literary agent.

Catherine and Gillian were “both chunky teens” and remained extremely close until Catherine moved to California for college. Then their extremely controlling parents – especially their father – did not approve of Catherine’s lifestyle choices and cut her off, and Gillian did not see her sister again for many years. Losing Catherine caused Gillian to be lonely and even more insecure, particularly now the focus of her domineering parents. Self-conscious about

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sensual Seducer or Alpha-Male: Coffee with SOULFIRE author Juliette Cross!
Good morning, dear readers!
I hope you are drinking coffee with chicory this morning because I am hosting another Louisiana author this week! Last week we visited with Scarlet Hawthorne for the cover reveal of her new novel Deadline. (Scarlet will be back for Cocktails on Thursday.) Today I am excited to have Juliette Cross back! She was here having Coffee for the cover reveal of Forged in Fire (be sure to check it out if you missed it), and this morning she is here with her highly-acclaimed Soulfire, the first installment of her Nightwing Series.
This morning she is here to talk about a subject after my own heart: the hero of a romance novel! She compares the "sensual seducer" with the alpha-male. Personally, I prefer a hero who begins as a sensual seducer and becomes an alpha-male! In the magical world she has created, I think Juliette has nailed it with Lucius. You have got to read this story to decide for yourself! Which kind of hero do you prefer?

 Hardcore Alpha vs. Sensual Seducer romance-loving friends and I debate all the time over which kind of leading man is more alluring. While I tend to veer toward the alpha just about every time, I do love the teasing sensual seducer as well. Let’s do a little compare/contrast, shall we? 

First, our seducer has patience. Our alpha clearly doesn’t even know the definition of the word. The alpha has one goal—her—and he wants her NOW. No bed required—a good, sturdy wall will do (or desk, pool table, whatever). On the other hand, the seducer is a master of the art of seduction, savoring the slow, tantalizing love-play. For he knows that her surrender will make the reward even more sweet.

Another trait our seducer has is charm. Within the seducer’s arsenal of charm is

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Sexy First ~ The First Kiss from ALICIA'S POSSESSION ~ My Sexy Saturday
Greetings, dear readers!
Last week I lent my blog to Scarlet Hawthorne to showcase her book Deadline, which had just been released that very day. I cannot lie: Her excerpt last week for "Date Night" was far spicier than mine!
This week, I have an excerpt from my own novel Alicia's Possession. Scarlet, George Sanchez, and I were at the Louisiana Book Festival together, and I couldn't get over how many readers wanted the paperback of Alicia's Possession. Usually eBooks are more popular, so as a reminder, Alicia's Possession IS available in all eBook formats, as well as audiobook and paperback. In fact, I can even sign your eBook!
When I saw the theme of this week's My Sexy Saturday was "Sexy Firsts," I immediately thought of the first kiss in Alicia's Possession. So here you have it - Seven sentences for this sexy Saturday! I hope you enjoy!
He brought his mouth down, barely touching hers, his tongue tasting the salt of tears on her lips—those lips he had wanted to kiss from the first moment they’d met.
“Please,” she said on a puff of air and tried to pull away from him, but he tightened his hold on her arm.
“Please what?”
“Please…don’t kiss me.”
“I think you want me to kiss you.” When she said nothing in protest, he pressed his lips to hers and gently pulled first her top, then her bottom lip into his mouth. He held her chin between his thumb and fist to lift her face.


Alicia’s Possession – Romantic Suspense Thriller!

“(O)ffers everything: romance, sex, BDSM elements, crime, mystery, compelling characters, and a gripping plot. It grabbed my attention and kept me riveted to the end!” – Masquerade Crew Review

#1 Bestselling Romantic Suspense – 4 straight weeks

“A great story. It’s got everything—sex, crime, cops, more sex, a twisted mystery, knot tying, and a superb denouement.” — Chuck Hustmyre, screenwriter and bestselling author of The Axman of New Orleans

After recovering from a freak car crash that put her in a coma for two months and left her with no memory of the accident, wealthy socialite Alicia Pageant becomes convinced there is a connection between the seemingly mysterious disappearance of the neighbor across the lake and the bizarre occurrences inside her own house; but everyone—including the investigating detective—thinks the woman’s head injury left her unable to distinguish reality from fantasy.

As Detective Mason Crawley investigates this “suspicious incident,” Alicia’s palpable sadness and vulnerability awaken his instinct to protect her and lead her into the light; but when her story begins to unravel, each new piece of information creates more questions than it answers. He begins to wonder if he is falling in love with a woman who is a witness to a cleverly-concealed crime, dangerously delusional, or a murderer.

5 Stars: Magnificent! For a reference point, let me say I first thought I’d stepped into a modern version of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” then stumbled into 50 Shades of Grey. Having said that, the originality and craft of the story is ALL Saucier–sensual, deep, and alluring.” Amazon Reviewer

5 Stars: Murder, Mystery, love, BDSM, and some great sex. When I read a book and I can feel the characters emotions, then I know its a good book. That’s what we have here.” Between the Sheets Book Reviews

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Excerpt from NEW Romantic Suspense DEADLINE by Scarlet Hawthorne OUT TODAY! #MySexySaturday
Good morning, dear readers!
If you want to join me for coffee this morning, you can find me at the Louisiana Book Festival in Baton Rouge until five o'clock tonight. PLEASE BRING COFFEE.

I will be there all day signing my books along with fellow suspense authors George Sanchez and Scarlet Hawthorne, who happens to be launching a new novel TODAY! As part of her book release blog tour, she is also offering a giveaway, so be sure to sign up in the Rafflecopter down below.

On Tuesday, I hosted Scarlet for coffee for the cover reveal of this Tabasco-hot romantic suspense Deadline; and as I have been so consumed with my soul-sucking day job, preparing for the book festival, as well as my own writing, since she is launching her new book this Saturday, I have volunteered my blog so that she can give you all a sneak peek at Deadline in today's My Sexy Saturday!

This week, the theme is "Date Night," and this tiny excerpt from Scarlet is during the second (or maybe possibly considered the third) date between the hero and heroine of Deadline. After you read this, you will be running to the grounds of the State Capitol to get a signed copy!
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  He pressed his lips to hers, sharing a kiss ripe with promise and demand, sending shockwaves of sensation through them both.
  She whined when he sat up, releasing her mouth and her wrists and withdrawing his hand from between her legs. “I have to stop a second,” he said, then brought his wine glass to his lips with an unsteady hand. “Whew.” He ran his fingers through his hair then glanced back to where she lay with a slight smile aimed at him.
  She raised herself up part way, her head braced on one hand with her elbow on the couch and asked, “Do you want me to go?”
  He set his glass down then turned to her and shook his head, grinning back at her with fire in his eyes. “No, I want you to come.”
Also available from Amazon in paperback.
Barnes & Noble for Nook
For all other eBook formats, click here.
To order paperback, click here.



 DEADLINE Synopsis

After her erotic romance novels become international bestsellers, writer Gillian Tate cannot enjoy her long-sought success once her husband files for divorce and she becomes the target of threats from a religious fringe hate group; but when she tries to find peace in the solitude of a remote lakeside cabin to complete the third novel in the trilogy, not only does she meet the man who can fulfill her secret desires, she also finds she hasn’t escaped danger by leaving the city. 

When the Adirondack town's police chief Sam Taylor learns of the threats and checks in on the notorious author, he is surprised to find she is nothing like he would have expected from her erotic novels but everything he has imagined in his own fantasies. 

Can he and the woman of his dreams escape her waking nightmare? 

*Adult Content: This erotic romantic suspense includes scenes of bondage between consenting adults.*

Meet Scarlet Hawthorne