Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Darcy Brothers with Susan Mason-Milks

Good morning, dear readers! 

Coffee with ColetteI  know, it has been a looooong time since I have had a new post here on "Writing and Ramblings." For those of you who follow my Facebook Page, you know that I have had to take a step back from social media because of mental and physical exhaustion, a soul-sucking day job, trying to sell my house, and in general just being overwhelmed by this thing called life. So I guess that's my "ramblings."
On the "writings" side, in addition to working on three novels, I am also preparing to go to The Novel Experience Event this weekend in Atlanta with a huge FREE booksigning on Saturday, March 29th, with 300 authors! So if you are in the area, I hope you'll come say hi! In any case, recently I have been a very bad blogger.

Fortunately, I have many lovely  friends who are willing to stop by for Coffee! Today, I am excited to have fellow Austen Author  Susan Mason-Milks joining me for Coffee again. Susan dropped by last October to tell you about her latest release, Please, Mr. Darcy! 
This morning she is here to tell us about the special "Readers' Choice" project  The Darcy Brothers. Susan is joined by other authors from the Austen Variations group, Abigail Reynolds, Monica Fairview, Maria Grace, Cassandra Grafton, and Regina Jeffers. So for all of us who just cannot get enough of Jane Austen, here's our chance to play along and decide what happens next!

Creating The Darcy Brothers

Many authors who write in the Jane Austen genre ask the creative question: What if events had gone a little differently than in the original book? Six authors at the Austen Variations blog decided to explore one of these "what if" scenarios but with an unusual twist. We call it Readers Choice. Its a bit like those choose your own adventurebooks you might have read as a kid.

To kick off the story, the group decided on some basic parameters for the story. One of our authors wrote the first chapter, and at the end, we asked readers to vote on one of three options for the direction of the next chapter. Each week voting is open for about 24 hours, and then based on the fans' selection, the next writer in the rotation must create a new chapter, incorporating the winning option. New chapters are posted every Wednesday. Sound like fun? It's been a real learning experience for the writers involved!
The current story [The Darcy Brothers] began last fall and features a number of old friends from Pride and Prejudice. It also added a few new characters to the landscape, primarily Fitzwilliam Darcys younger brother, Theophilus Darcy or Theo. It was our vision to have him be a typical younger brother but with all the charm that Darcy is missing. Although a tad irresponsible, Theo's not a bad person - just the kind of handsome, redeemable rake we all love!

The story opens with Darcy and his brother Theo headed to Rosings for the annual Easter visit with their aunt, Lady Catherine. If you have children, this little exchange will sound familiar in spite of the fact that these two are in their twenties.

So tell me again, why am I going to Rosings?Theophilus Darcy stretched his long legs across the floorboards of the traveling coach until his feet were not quite touching his brothers boots.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Celebrate Your Name Week with A.J. Best & a FREE Romance!

Coffee with ColetteGood morning, dear readers!  
Do you have a unique name? Have you ever given someone a unique name?
This is "Celebrate Your Name" week, and today I am joined for Coffee by fellow Secret Cravings Publishing author A.J. Best. She has dropped by to tell you about how she chose the not-so-unique names in her heart-wrenching romance, Forgiveness. (I understand that: I named the two main characters in All My Tomorrows "Alice" and "Peter" - Well, actually my husband did!) 
Plus A.J. has her novella available for you for FREE this week! Now that's a way to celebrate, and I know you won't want to miss it - you would never be able to forgive yourself!

This week is celebrate your name week. Today specifically is Unique Names Day. Which got me to thinking about the names in my book Forgiveness. There really isn't anything unique about these names, so why did I pick them?

Our beloved though a little neurotic heroine is Mary. Having never really looked up names and just let the first name that pops into my head be 'the one', I'd have to say that her name is a little spot on.

Mary: Hebrew baby name. Meaning wished for child; rebellion; bitter.

Unfortunately Mary is a little bitter. Her mother just died and she found out some information that she really wasn't ready to know. Then her husband starts acting a little squirrelly and Mary takes that bitterness, and deflects it to him.

Joe, the good natured well-meaning hero. After looking up his name, I think it might fit pretty well also.

Joe: English baby name. Meaning God will increase.

Trying to make their ten year anniversary a great one, Joe decides to take on something a little sneaky and underhanded. But Joe doesn't understand that it is a little underhanded because there's not a mean bone in his body. He's a lousy liar and just may have been caught in the mistake of a lifetime! Will he pay for his misdeeds or will he be given Forgiveness?

If you'd like to get to know Mary and Joe a little better my book Forgiveness is up for FREE right now on Secret Cravings Publishing store right now. http://store.secretcravingspublishing.com/index.php?main_page=book_info&cPath=4&products_id=355

 Excerpt from Forgiveness


“I’m a naughty, naughty girl,” she cooed. Her eyes were teasing him when she sauntered into the room wearing a skin-tight white corset and a silky white barely-there thong. She chewed her bottom lip playfully in anticipation of his reaction to the outfit she had purchased the night before. The corset caressed the curve of her slender sun-kissed waist. The white lacy fabric and silk ties enhanced the olive tone of her skin.

She became annoyed by his terse response, “Uh huh.” She watched him slide on his freshly laundered slacks. His inattention made her want to throw a lamp at him. “I’m sure you were fine.” She watched him absentmindedly scoop the loose change from the top of the mahogany dresser and drop it into a nearby bowl. She wondered if he had even heard a word she’d said. “Okay, I have some errands to run. Call me on my cell if you need me.”