Friday, November 22, 2013

Darkness Falls Upon Pemberley with Susan Adriani

Coffee with ColetteGood morning, dear readers! 
My friend and fellow Austen AuthorSusan Adriani, and I have been trying to get together for Coffee for weeks, but it has just been one thing after another for both of us that kept getting in the way of our sitting down for a nice chat over a nice hot cup of my New Orleans blend with chicory - or even something from the blender, like a margarita! 

With me, I have had to deal with moving, and I never, ever, ever, ever, ever want to go through this again. Ever.  I told my husband we would just have to live the rest of our lives here, which shouldn't be too difficult since this move may very well kill me this week! Plus if you thought I exaggerated about the soul-sucking nature of my day job:  My boss just quit! She said SHE just couldn't take it any more because it had just gotten so bad since {the Taliban} took over the company! I am happy for her but sad - and jealous! - for myself. And who else will accept my eccentricities since I am damn good at my job?

Finally, Susan and I are able to take a breath so she could join me here, and I am sooooo excited to have her here!  I became a huge fan of hers when I read The Truth About Mr. Darcy (and - whew~ -wait until you learn the truth!). Then she started sharing tidbits of Darkness Falls Upon Pemberley - her own unique spin on a vampire variation of Pride and Prejudice - on Austen Authors in serial format when it was a work in progress, and I confess I got so wrapped up in the story, I kept reading ahead as soon as she had scheduled her next installments. Now her new release is available, and I know you won't be able to put it down!

Thank you, Colette, for having me as your guest today! I’m very excited to be here. wrote Darkness Falls Upon Pemberley more than a year ago, not as a serious piece of literature, but really just for fun. Halloween was approaching, and, having nothing remotely spooky to contribute to the group blog we belong to, Austen Authors, my muse and I started indulging certain scenarios that had been dancing around in my head.

I’m not a fan of goblins and ghouls—horror was never for me. In fact, whenever my friends were glued to the television watching scary movies in high school, I was always huddled under blankets or, better still, off somewhere else reading a book. There was one creature, however, that always managed to attract me despite its horrific connotations. That was the vampire.

There was something mysterious and sensual about vampires; something forbidden and passionate. Yet, for all their allure, I’d never felt the pull to write a vampire story; at least, not until I started thinking about the powerful attraction between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. In previous paranormal portrayals, it was always Mr. Darcy who harbored a horrific secret. But, what if Elizabeth Bennet had one instead?

I’ve included an excerpt, and I hope you enjoy it. I should point out that this is neither a horror story, full of blood and gore or a full-length novel. There’s nothing in this novella but adversity, romance, and characters I adore.

Excerpt, Darkness Falls Upon Pemberley, Chapter Three

By the time his horse was saddled and ready the rain had grown heavier, but Darcy mounted without giving the rapidly worsening weather a second thought. He flicked his reins and set off at a slow trot until he reached the crest of a nearby hill, where he took several deep, cleansing breaths. The air there was crisp and cold and helped clear some of the fog in his head, just as his journey to higher ground had led him above the fog below. With renewed focus he dug his heels into his horse’s sides, urging him onward at a punishing pace, intent on exorcising his demons, or

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Author Andrea Wilson and Wife 101

Good morning, dear readers! 

Coffee with ColetteWow!  I cannot believe it has been two weeks since my last blog post! So much has been going on. First there was the Louisiana Book Festival, then this last weekend I was in Dallas for Readers and 'Ritas, and all of this while I am in the midst of moving - a full month earlier than anticipated! - and have a huge project deadline at my day job.  I have barely had a moment to take a breath! 

Plus, for any of you participating in Nanowrimo: Would you believe I had the gall to try to do that as well? I have an entire plot in my head and even dreamt several beautiful scenes fully formed, but working 12-hour days without even a lunch break at my soul-sucking day job doesn't exactly allow me much brain power in the evening for anything more than drinking wine and wrapping the last sixteen years of my life in bubble-wrap!

That is why I am absolutely thrilled to have A'ndrea Wilson join me for Coffee today - a voice of calm and reason in this cacophony of insanity (even my dog was pacing incessantly today, driving me even crazyier with his toenails on the hardwood floors).  She is here to tell you about her novel Wife 101, and man, oh man, can I relate to her heroine! Why is it we think we can do it all and at the end of the day feel so empty? If you can relate, this is one book (actually, the first of three!) you will want to check out....
~Colette, Colette, for the opportunity to stop by your blog! Are any of you out there struggling with the “always a bridesmaid” syndrome? Why does it seem like we can succeed in everything in life, except relationships? Is it really impossible to have it all?

Trust me, I understand your pain, and so does my heroine, Amber Ross, in my novel Wife 101. Amber has career success, money, good looks, and even a home in one of the most desirable areas of Atlanta, Georgia. With so much going for her, why can’t she seem to snag a great husband?

When her recent ex-boyfriend informs her that he’s getting married and she’s not the bride, Amber seeks advice from the one woman more unlikely to find love than herself, her best friend Tisha. After Tisha’s hair-brained plot to make Amber’s ex jealous goes belly-up, Amber finally goes to the right place for relationship help, the Wife 101 class. Take the journey with Amber from frustration to fairytale endings, with laughter, lessons, and a line of eligible bachelors along the way!

Wife 101 is the perfect blend of a romantic comedy, an inspirational tale, and real-life wisdom all rolled up into one feel-good novel. Find out today why readers can’t get enough of Wife 101, the sequel, Husband 101, and the most recent release, Couples 101! Feel free to stop by my website at or check out my blog at

Happy Reading!

A’ndrea J. Wilson
Author, Educator, and Speaker, Dr. A'ndrea J. Wilson gets to the heart of real-life issues, encouraging self-growth and development.


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