Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sexy Has the Power to Set People Free! My Sexy Saturday Excerpt from THE WIDOW
Greetings! Welcome to a NEW My Sexy Saturday!

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This week’s theme is Sexy Has It!
Sexy has love, sexy has wonderful. Sexy has the power to change worlds, set people free and everything in between.
Catherine is
The Widow in this noir romantic thriller. She is troubled, disillusioned, and self-destructive, desperately trying to run away from the mistakes of her past.

With David as the undercover DEA agent who cannot ignore his obsession with her, indeed it does seem as though sexy has the power to set Catherine free...

They stared at each other in the flickering candlelight as their bodies moved together, and she resisted closing her eyes, wanting to focus on him, memorize this moment. His timing was flawless with each subtle action—stroking her face gently as he whispered Spanish words she did not understand; or fiercely claiming her mouth, taking her breath away, as he thrust, harder and deeper, driving her toward the edge until she could hold on no longer. 

As waves of ecstasy crashed over her, she threw her head back, involuntarily closing her eyes when she most wanted to keep them open. A few moments later, he lengthened and convulsed inside of her, the warmth spilling from him filling her with contentment.

While she floated on an electric cloud of oxytocin and endorphins, outside of that room the night stretched out, black and still. Perhaps the rest of the world had fallen away as she hoped. Nothing could have wiped the smile from her face.

About The Widow

NOTE: This is a noir romantic suspense. Contains strong language and intense sexual situations.

What is Noir Fiction?

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Labor Pains: How Writing a Novel is Like Childbirth

Good morning, dear readers!

Now I am not the first author to compare a novel to one's baby or writing it to childbirth. First there is the conception, which may take months to come to fruition or could occur completely by chance in the middle of the night - quite unexpectedly!

After the idea for the novel is conceived comes the period of gestation, which for me at least takes months. (Is it a coincidence that when I began wrote the first draft of Pulse and Prejudice, I typed "The End" exactly 9 months later on my twins' birthday?) Months of writing, nurturing, receiving advice from everyone on what could be done better to ensure a healthy outcome. Making preparations - a cover to cradle the upcoming release. A complete matching set of everything - from banners to bookmarks - welcoming it into the world. Tell everyone to expect its arrival!

Then the birth. The nerves at the approaching due date. Will everything go well? What if its not healthy? People reject it? The release date arrives with trepidation, pain, and tears. High expectations that are rarely met. Maybe she'll be a famous anthropologist! Maybe she'll be the first woman president! (Can you believe we still haven't had one yet?) Maybe it will be a bestseller!

Well, the birth of my latest release reminded me something of the birth of my youngest child. First of all, I had natural childbirth - no drugs at all - and right now I have been dieting like a maniac and not drinking at all, and I really miss wine! But that's not what truly reminds me of it.

Of course, just like with the release of The Widow, everyone knew I was soon to deliver a baby. I told everyone the due date, and for a week or more before the anticipated date of arrival, people asked me, "So are you feeling anything?" Similarly, with The Widow, many people asked, "Are you excited?" The answer on both occasions for all those days was the same: No.  I wasn't feeling anything leading up to my daughter's birth. No. I wasn't excited about my upcoming release; I've been scared as hell!

The day before the scheduled blessed event of both my daughter and The Widow, I received all sorts of last-minute unsolicited and unwelcome advice. In the case of one: "You need to go for a walk." "Take a laxative." "Try having sex." (I had just left my husband, so who was going to have sex with someone who was 9 months preg--don't answer that...)  In the case of the other: "Your blurb is all wrong." "You need to change the price." "Is this supposed to be a romance?"

Then the same thing happened on both occasions: The due date came and passed, and I didn't hear from anyone again. In the case of my daughter, it was almost as if because

Monday, August 3, 2015

What Is Noir Fiction?

Good morning, dear readers!

The Widow - a noir romantic suspense - will be released on Wednesday, August 5th. Many readers, however - unless they are long-time fans of the genre - may not be familiar with noir fiction or what it represents. My readers in particular might wonder why I would choose to write a noir crime thriller, but what can I say? I was inspired! And I do say I embrace all genres of romance...

So what is noir fiction?

From Wikipedia:
"Noir fiction (or roman noir) is a literary genre closely related to hardboiled genre with a distinction that the protagonist is not a detective, but instead either a victim, a suspect, or a perpetrator. Other common characteristics include the self-destructive qualities of the protagonist. A typical protagonist of the Noir fiction is dealing with the legal, political or other system that is no less corrupt than the perpetrator by whom the protagonist is either victimized and/or has to victimize others on a daily basis, leading to Lose-Lose situation."

Although loosely based on the exploits of the Sinaloa Cartel, whose leader drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escaped from prison last, the second half of The Widow gained its inspiration from a re-watching of the Hitchcock classic Notorious, although the similarities stop at mere influence. From that point on, it is written in classic noir style.

For further information on this genre, I will turn to an expert, Bill Pronzini. 

How does one define noir, or hardboiled, crime fiction?

Not easily. The labels “noir” and “hardboiled” themselves make it difficult, if not impossible, to come up with a precise definition. Both terms have been used and abused by readers, writers, and critics so long and so often that, as with most literary labels, their meanings have become blurred.

A better approach is to list some of the elements contained in the best crime stories of this type. These elements are not the only ones, of course, but they’re among the most important.
The more of them that an author incorporates into a novel or story,
 the greater its merit.

The noir crime story deals with disorder, disaffection, and dissatisfaction. Throughout the genre’s seventy-year history, this has remained a constant and central tenet. The typical noir character (if not the typical noir writer) has a jaundiced view of government, power, and the law. He (or sometimes she) is often a loner, a social misfit. If he is on the side of the angels, he is probably a cynical idealist: he believes that society is corrupt, but he also believes in justice and will make it his business to do whatever is necessary to see that justice is done. If he walks the

Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Very Sexy Time from THE WIDOW for My Sexy Saturday
Greetings, and welcome to a NEW My Sexy Saturday!

This week’s theme is A Very Sexy Time!

Releasing this Wednesday, August 5th, The Widow is a noir romantic thriller with Catherine as the troubled, disillusioned, self-destructive heroine and David, the hero, an undercover DEA agent, who cannot bring himself to trust her nor ignore his obsession with her, which haunts his dreams.

Here is a short excerpt, about why David might be willing to risk a multi-million dollar DEA operation, or even his life, for her....

The moment the door to the suite closed behind them, David jerked Catherine back against his chest and into his arms, assaulting her mouth, pouring all his pent-up aggression into the kiss. They had never “made up” after their argument, and he wasn’t about to let her raise that icy barrier between them again. But instead of resisting, she flung her arms around his neck, matching his fervor, a conflagration of passion.
He untied the knot at the back of her neck, and if they had had any space between them, the top of her dress would have fallen to free her breasts; but he had no desire to loosen his hold on her—not yet—and he let his arms roam across her bare back, relishing her silky flesh. In the brief moment they broke the kiss, he said, “You were magnificent tonight.”
“Was I?”
Oh, god, yes, he thought, but rather than verbalize it, he attacked her mouth again, ravenous, their adrenaline-charged dinner having stoked his appetite. His fingers found the zipper just below her waist and pulled it down. He tugged the dress from between them and it fell to the floor beside her shawl, leaving her naked in his arms. Good god! All night, all throughout dinner, she had sat there in that dress without a stitch on underneath, and this new information made him hornier than hell.

About The Widow

Press Release Stunning Noir Thriller Reflects Current World Events

Available in print and eBook August 5th.
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